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BEC Test offers a variety of specialized testing for every part of the building envelope and system. We can verify integrity and performance, identify trouble spots, evaluate efficiency, and recommend ways to save money through repairs, improvements, and predictive maintenance programs.

Building Envelope

Nondestructive Moisture Testing

BEC Test utilizes numerous non-destructive technologies to determine the presence of moisture held within a roof or wall assembly. Accurately delineating where moisture damaged building components are located can allow for targeted repairs that can save thousands of dollars. The data collected from our moisture investigations allows building owners, managers and insurers to make fact based decisions on where and when to best allocate capital resources.

  • Safe, nondestructive
  • Accurate measurement of saturation
  • Proactively identify unknown problems
  • Reduce energy loss
  • Reduce building envelope component failure risk
  • Reduce health risks and damage due to mold
  • A valuable addition to any Preventative Maintenance Program

Air Barrier and Blower Door Testing to Evaluate Building Efficiency

We are certified in Pull testing of air barrier components. We are also certified in Blower door testing to verify proper design and installation of components for building efficiency. Test methods available include ASTM, US Army Corps of Engineers, and CAN/CGSB.