Property / Facility Condition Assessments

Building Envelope Consultants, LTD. (BEC) provides expert, detailed analysis of facilities of all types and sizes including but not limited to single family residences and multi-structure commercial/industrial campuses.

BEC is an independent engineering firm without contractor or material manufacturer affiliation. This allows BEC to provide unbiased analysis to its clients.

BEC's property condition assessments provide the detailed analysis necessary for facility managers and owners to form credible long and short term capital improvement plans. Additionally, BEC's inspection services assist insurance carriers by rapidly and accurately assessing property loss claims as well as support real estate transactions.

BEC condition assessments help in the following ways:

  • Reduce costs associated with emergency repair work
  • Specified repairs create efficient work processes
  • Facility Managers can manage maintenance budgets more efficiently
  • Minimize risk of premature failures of building envelope components
  • Maximize facility life expectancy and minimize life cycle costs
  • Postpone roof replacement expenditures
  • Physical needs assessments
  • Capital needs assessments
  • Accurately determine building conditions and prepare accurate reports and cost estimating. Reports can be designed specific to property owner / manager's needs including specialized assessment to fit necessary requirements.
  • List specific deficiencies classifying each as immediate or deferred maintenance items and recommended actions with budgetary costs
  • List immediate and short term needs and code violation issues as well as repairs required within one year
  • List capital needs and replacement reserves within a client specified term length and budgetary costs

High / Steep Roof Inspections

BEC specializes in roof and wall inspections and designs for any type of wall or roof regardless of height or slope. Utilizing specialty ladders and being certified in the use of aerial platforms (self propelled and swing stages) allows BEC to accurately analyze any wall or roof system in great detail. As BEC is an independent consulting firm with no affiliation to manufacturers or contractors, we provide the most unbiased and accurate information available regarding your roof project.